Written translation

As a web-based translation agency, we are primarily engaged in written translation that can be easily delivered to you by e-mail or via other digital data transmission media. You can make a translation inquiry conveniently from home, school, work or anywhere else in the world by submitting it on our website or sending it directly to We will respond to all inquiries within five hours on the same day.

We offer translation into and from Estonian, English, German, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Ukrainian and Chinese. The fields we translate in: law, economy, technology (incl. information technology), advertising texts, user manuals, leaflets, safety data sheets, summaries of final papers.

In Estonia, translators usually work in word processing programs such as Word, Excel, OpenOffice, etc., but we also use translation memory programs (mainly MemoQ and Across). In addition, we have experience in using various web-based translation environments. The volume of translation is calculated on the basis of characters, words or lines. In Estonia, the most common method for calculating translation volume is based on the number of characters in the target text – one translation page contains 1,800 characters (with spaces). Be aware that when translating from Estonian into a foreign language, the volume generally increases by about 20%, or even by 30% when translating into Russian or German. The project manager will take that into account when making a price offer.